Images of Worship from the Temple of the Tooth

Nirvana meditation in Kandy temple of the tooth

We planned our visit to Kandy’s Temple of the Tooth with a poya, or full moon, day. Buddhists follow the lunar calendar and Poya Days are the most sacred of the year. So the temple — Sri Lanka’s most important — was packed full of worshipers. As you might imagine, there were a lot of photogenic moments just waiting to be captured.

The Temple of the Tooth on our Kandy Map

Elephant and man portraits
Golden Fence temple of the tooth in Sri Lanka
Temple of the tooth tunnel in Sri Lanka Kandy
Temple of the tooth drummers
Elephant tusks temple of the tooth in Kandy Sri Lanka
Temple of the tooth Altar
Metal umbrella
Metal umbrella temple of the tooth in Kandy
Entrance holy temple of the tooth
Door temple of the tooth in Kandy
Sri Lankan woman temple of the tooth
Don't smell flowers at the temple
Temple of the tooth carpet picture
Holy floor temple of the tooth
Stone statue temple of the tooth in Sri Lanka
Little stair step holders
Temple of the toot stone art
Pilgrimage Temple of the tooth Sri Lanka
Temple of the tooth flame
Smell sticks temple of the tooth
Holy smoke temple of the tooth
No shoes allowed temple of the tooth
Monkeys at the temple of the tooth in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka monkeys
Lotus flower and bee

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  1. Red Hunt

    Stunning photos….don’t you love Sri Lanka!?? Got your comment on my Nuwara Eliya post! Nope not in Lanka anymore….hope to return one day though. Have fun in Anuradhapura…hope you get to Sigiriya too…or to Horton Plains / Yala for some nature and wildlife!

  2. Angela

    Now why do you think they won’t let you smell the flowers? I’d have a hard time refraining. Gorgeous photos. Love the monkeys hanging out, too. 

    1. Dre

      It would be regarded as you ill-respect the Lord Buddha. Apparently it was a faithful and prayerful offering of another Buddhist devotee to the Lord Buddha. It has a religious and cultural value…

  3. Betsy

    Wow.  Just, wow.  My family is living in Qatar which makes Sri Lanka the quickest and easiest getaway to green-ness, and it’s a marvelous place.  I was thinking about heading back with the kids over spring break.  Reading your blog has convinced me.  Thanks a million.

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