Elephants Crossing

Elephants Crossing

Book A Hotel With Overlooking Elephants in Sri Lanka


In Sri Lanka, you’re bound to encounter a lot scenes that would be impossible at home. I mean, Elephants Crossing? I’m pretty sure we’re not in Germany anymore! Here is a collection of some of the funnest, most beautiful and strangest pictures we’ve taken during our first six weeks in Sri Lanka.

Tea From Sri Lanka

Snack Time
Smoke in The City
Aged Buddha
Buddha Wrap
Carpets in Sri Lanka
Good Luck Rice
Hidden Frog
King Fisher Sri Lanka
No Horning
Milk Bar Sri Lanka
Lions Mouth
Soya Ice Cream
Michael Jackson Sri Lanka
What Happened
Weird Melons
Sri Lanka Crocodiles
Hornet Attack
Dr. Pimple
Bumble Bee Brids
Colombo Time
Golden Elephants
Posing Monkey
Party Angel
Kandy Highway
Star Dust Colombo
Glowing Buddha