The Jungle Beach at Galle

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After visiting the gleaming white Japanese Peace Pagoda which provided a wonderful view of Galle Fort, we climbed down toward the true destination of our day trip — Jungle Beach. Not another person in sight, just twin stretches of deserted sand trapped between the ocean and Rumassala Rock. Having just experienced the soul-crushing lameness of Unawatuna, this beach was exactly what we needed. Peace, solitude and gorgeous nature.

The fact that the Jungle Beach was completely empty was a minor miracle. It’s not exactly a secret — you can clearly see it from the Fort, and everybody in Galle knows exactly where it is. And getting there wasn’t even difficult: a 400 Rupee tuk-tuk drive to the pagoda, and then a quick ten-minute downhill hike. So, why do 72,319,310 people pack onto the beach at Unawatuna, and nobody comes here? I don’t know, and I don’t care.

This was the best bit of beach we’ve found during our weeks on Sri Lanka’s south coast. It’s worth the effort of searching out.

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  1. Dre

    Hi Guys, It’s great that you’ve found this place and loved it. And nice to know that you were able to experience at least a bit of peace of mind over there. Cheers…!

  2. saumya Illankoon

    wooooooooooooooooooooooooow, This is really amazing place. unbeliveble. how nice is my mother lanka.

  3. Warren Manuel

    Thank you for this information! Invaluable for first time planners like myself. If I may inquire, did you guys encounter any trouble on your way here. I know it’s years ago but any information at all is much appreciated !Cheers and Thank you !

    1. Mike Powell

      We didn’t encounter any problems at all, except for the tuk-tuk driver who dropped us off wanting to wait for us, and then take us on a tour of the area — but that’s normal 🙂 It was pretty easy to find, and we felt safe getting there and while on the beach.

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