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In every city, town or village of Sri Lanka, and alongside country roads, you’ll find stands hawking golden coconuts. These are thambili, or King Coconuts, and we’ve made it a habit to grab one every day.

The seller takes a machete and starts hacking away at the coconut, until a small opening can be carved from the top. You drink the sweet water found inside, usually with a straw, though I prefer chugging it straight from the shell. It’s delicious, especially on a hot day, and has incredible health properties better than any energy drink.

Jürgen loves researching the health benefits of whatever food he’s consuming, and hasn’t shut up about coconuts for weeks. I’ll ask him (as though I forgot) what the beneficial properties of coconuts are.

[His eyes just lit up! I’ll have to type quick] “It totally re-hydrates you, so it’s good against diarrhea, and has loads of protein and carbohydrates. Supplies tons of energy, good against hangovers, and it has tons of antioxidants! Ummm… Vitamin E! I think that’s it.” Nothing else? “The diarrhea thing is pretty good. Ah, also against aging, and purifying blood. Wait, why are you typing? Is this a quiz?!”

Coconut water really is one of the healthiest things you can drink, and since you can watch the coconut be split open, it’s guaranteed safe and clean — even better than possibly contaminated bottled water. Some are sweeter than others, which I think depends on the age of the coconut, and they’re more refreshing when they’ve been cooled, or resting in the shade. Once you’re done, the seller will usually split the coconut in half, and carve a spoon-shaped piece from the shell which you can use to scrape the sweet, white flesh from the inside.

I look forward to our coconut break every day. Maybe it’s just my mind playing tricks, but I do feel instantly refreshed and energized after chugging one down. In fact, I think I’m going to stop typing and go find a coconut right now.

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