Galle Face Green

Laid out in 1857 by the British governor Sir Henry Ward, Galle Face Green is a park separating the hectic life of Colombo and the Indian Ocean. The green is the city’s largest open space and a popular spot during sunset, when hundreds of Sri Lankans come to fly kites, play cricket and eat ice cream.

Galle Face Green Colombo Sri Lanka

We walked along the green one evening, just as the sun was tucking itself behind the clouds over the ocean. One of the great things about Sri Lanka’s being so close to the equator is that the sun rises and sets around the same time all year round. So regardless of when you’re visiting Colombo, make sure to head to Galle Face Green at around 6:30pm. If you get lucky, you’ll enjoy a spectacular sunset and marvel as the city turns a strange, deep shade of crimson.

Galle Face Green

At the end of the green is the historic Galle Face Hotel, a beautiful lodging which retains much of its colonial charm. The hotel’s best feature is its veranda, with chairs and tables facing out to sea. Unsurprisingly, it’s one of the city’s most popular spots for an evening drink. We sat down and, after sending the waiter to fetch a couple Three Coins lagers, felt as though we’d fallen back through time. So this is how the British lords of colonial Ceylon lived. Not bad. The breeze coming off the ocean was wonderful, the beers cold and delicious, the view unbeatable, the service spectacular, and the other patrons well-dressed and in pleasant moods. I doubt there’s a better way to cap off a busy day in Colombo.

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Galle Face Green Beach
Galle Face Green Promenade
Galle Face Green kite flying
Love couple Galle Face Green
Evening Galle Frace Green
Beach Galle Face Green Colombo Sri Lanka
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Galle face hotel terrace

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  1. jan

    Sounds like the perfect end to a day to me.  I may go down and have dinner along the Strand in Townsville tonight, and pretend we are in Sri Lanka.  Works for me!

  2. Sakala bujang

    Did you know that the Galle Face ‘green’ was a golf course ‘back then’

  3. Sakala bujang

    do list
    cannot miss Sigiriya rock fortress
    while you are there check out the Dambulla cave temple art and stop over at the Kandalama hotel – the Bawa architecture and the views across the centuries old man made lake is a nice backdrop for a meal/drink/rest 
    check out Embekke (off Kandy) – woodcraft at it’s best
    visit Jaffna-the capital city of the north.
    visit Trincomallee Sami Rock (koneswaram kovil) 
    ride a traditional Catamaran in Negambo (a suburb north of Colombo Also known as little Italy due to the high density of catholic churches
    enjoy a fresh cup of kitul toddy-best before excessive fermentation (noon). It’s like whitebeer.
    try curd & treacle for breakfast
    watch a game of club cricket – get a bystander to help you out to understand the game (best at CCC or NCC)

    1. Juergen

      We almost have done it all! We are on our last two days here and having our first toddy ever! Thank you so much for all the tips!

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