Ayubowan, Sri Lanka!

Sri Lanka, the pendant-shaped jewel hanging off the earlobe of India, has had a number of names throughout its long history. Under British rule, the island was known as Ceylon. Arabs called it Serendib, the origin of the word serendipity, which hints at its beauty. And for a span of three months, Jürgen and I would be referring to it as “home”.

Welcome to Sri Lanka Travel Blog

Our flight from New York City left on the evening of January 31st, but we didn’t touch down in Sri Lanka until the morning of February 2nd. The time difference is ten and a half hours, and the distance about 9000 miles. Stinking, half-conscious sweat-zombies, we collapsed into a waiting taxi and embarked on a noisy 90-minute drive from Negombo to Colombo, the island’s capital.

Though it’s only about the size of West Virginia, Sri Lanka is home to over 22 million souls. Sinhalese Buddhists, Hindu Tamils, Christians and Muslims share the land in an unsteady peace: a twenty-six year civil war waged between the Sinhalese-majority government and the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) of the north only ended in May, 2009. The ethnic diversity is reflected in the island’s nature. Flat lowlands surround a mountainous center, and the nation boasts rain forests, pristine beaches, ancient temples and a richly diverse wildlife. A little piece of paradise in the Indian Ocean.

In order to do justice to Sri Lanka, we decided to roam about the island instead of dedicating all 91 days to a specific city. Though we were viciously jet-lagged on arriving, we wasted no time and went out to explore Colombo the very same morning… sleeping could wait; there was a whole new country waiting to be discovered!

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Chucky, 2001-2012

Cutest French Bulldog

Before arriving, we spent a difficult couple weeks in the USA. We had to say goodbye to our ten-year-old French Bulldog Chucky, who had developed cancer. Our little co-adventurer, Chucky had been around the world with us, from Europe to North and South America. I’m not certain she really “loved” travel like we do… in fact, I’m rather sure she didn’t. But she was a trooper until the end, and we miss her terribly. So it’s up to Sri Lanka to distract us, and get our minds on happier things.

Sir Lanka Bus Stop
Tuk Tuk covered in Sri Lanka falgs
Tuk Tuk in Colombo, Sri Lanka
Colombo, Sri Lanka skyscapers
Sri Lanka trash
Sri Lanka school kids
Sri Lanka school
School girls leaving school Arul study circle in Sri Lanka
Holy mary Sri Lanka
Churches of Colombo, Sri Lanka
Chairs inside church Colombo, Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka organ pipes
Old lock Sri Lanka
Lion cate Colombo Sri Lanka
Sri lank bank notes
Fruit stand Colombo, Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka stairs
Dangerous stairs
Interesting stairs in Sri Lanka
Colorful bus in Sri Lanka
Temple master Sri Lanka
Temple construction Sri Lanka Colombo
Temple gate Colombo Sri Lanka
Temple details Sri Lanka
Strange Sri Lanka
Mosque in Colombo, Sri Lanka with pepsi sign
Soldier and one canon in Colombo, Sri Lanka

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  1. gaetano lo nigro

    Good picture folks, please update constantly your lovely blog, I think Sri Lanka has a lots of thing to see(never been there but hopefully one day).

    1. Juergen

      Thank you .. and I think in the 3 month here we will experience many different incredible things.

  2. za za

    Welcome to Sri Lanka… Awesome Post!

    1. Juergen

      Thank you!!! We are having a blast!

  3. Daryle

    I look forward to reading about this new destination. I’ve been reading since your time in Oviedo, and have learned a ton and enjoyed your photos. Thanks for the great blog!

    1. Juergen

      So cool to hear that you have been a long time readers. How did you find out about us? Thank for reading!!!

  4. Tiffany

    Sounds fascinating!  I love the pictures so far, and look forward to being updated 🙂  Oh, found you guys via http://www.neverendingvoyage.com/Is this your first visit to this part of the world?  We’re headed to SE Asia soon and are still doing research on what to see and do.  I’d love to know if you’ve been to Bali!Happy travels!

    1. Juergen

      Thank you for stopping by. We have been to Hong Kong, Macau, Shenzhen and Bejing before but not as part of our travel blog. We considered Bali but chose Sri Lanka instead.

  5. elpariente

    I was anxious to start this new travel to Sri Lanka I was there 35 years ago and it will be a very different world To follow your pages is a great way to travel Thank you !!!!

    1. Juergen

      Wow …35 years ago! The island must have changed a lot during that time. What is your favorite memory of your visit?

  6. randeer

    Ayubowan ! Welcome to srilanka 🙂 enjoy !!!

    1. Juergen

      Thank you … ! We are having an incredible time here. Please share some tips or contacts if you like. We will be here until the end of April.

  7. Gen Roney

    Awesome Pictures!  Loved perusing through your travels, as I am from Colombo, SL. St. Lucias Cathedral was my parish church in Kotahena.  Currently residing in the US. (MI) Can’t wait to go back there again!!! Welcome to Sri Lanka! Enjoy your stay and post many more.

  8. Lyn

    Hi there. Where are you guys now. I found your website while looking for blogs for Sri LankaWe are off there in seven weeks time, and I would love to see more of what you experienced. But the blog seems to finish in 2012.  Can you direct me to the write up of your trip. Thanks

    1. Mike Powell

      Yeah, we only stay in each place for 91 days. Sri Lanka was from February to May, 2012. We just finished our stay in Istanbul (https://istanbul.for91days.com) and are soon moving on to Iceland.

  9. Vindya

    Beautiful pictures!I was wondering where the picture of the spiral staircase with no railings was taken. I am an architecture student and I recognise most of these locations. Great camera work!Thanks

  10. Nicolaas

    Hey guysI am considering taking a hostel job in Colombo for a few months and I was wondering if you guys have some tips for me? Do you guys feel it is worth it to go and live there for a few months? Is there enough to do or to experience? I was just wondering about the daily life in general there.

    1. Mike Powell

      Sure, we can recommend Sri Lanka for a few months! It’s definitely worth it… especially if you’ll have some time to explore the rest of the island. It’s a paradise 🙂

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